Guys, please I need your help. I know this isn’t Disneyland or DisneyWorld. It’s my dream college. I want to go to FIlm school, I want to become a director and it’s been my dream to become one. I have so much passion for film making It’s ridiculous. My dream college is over 1,101 miles away from where I live. At first my mother and I were not on the same perspective. She thought I was crazy and would never make it. However, the college called me and found interest in what I can do! I knew that was my chance, so I spoke to my mother again, and unfortunately she hardly agreed this time either. Then I thought of Tumblr, we got a kid to go to DIsneyland, and heck we got a girl a bird! So why not college? If this can get to over 100k notes she says she’ll get one step closer in letting me attend my dream college! I know this might be asking a lot but please help me show my mom that I can make it and chase after my dreams! One reblog can help so much! xx 

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Guy Sargent - Venice

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James Turrell - Blue Planet Sky (2004)


Francisco Goya - The Follies: Where There’s a Will There’s a Way (ca. 1816-24)


doctors: why are all your bones broken
me: totally gnarly kick flip
doctors: fucking savage bro


Reykjavík, Iceland

July 2014


"Parures D’apres Nature", ELLE France, July 1985
Photographer : Hans Feurer
Model : Cecilia Chancellor


The Blue Forest, 2014 | by Kilian Schönberger
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Where is this, anyone know by chance?


Florence | Italy | Source

Florence was the first street in Europe to have paved streets, 1339 C.E.The city is best know for leather and gold. It has home to many famous names. Amerigo Vespucci, Galileo Galielei, Donatello, Raffaele. Gucci was also founded in Florence.


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